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Outdoor External Rated Cisco Intercom System for Call Manager

External Cisco Intercom Systems

The first question is: When would you need to buy an External Cisco Intercom ? When your End User (or you are the End User ) has just upgraded their old PBX telephone system to an IP based one. They have swapped an analogue PBX for a feature rich IP PBX / Cisco SIP Server, also known as Cisco Call Manager.

If the Cisco Telephony system is part of a new build, the chances are the owner of the building will need to look at internal and external door entry phones. External devices are required more than internal options. In most cases, buildings will have an automated door that requires secure access control.

Another popular application is when the End User upgrades to a new Cisco Ip phone System. The End User has been a tenant in the building for some time and now their old analogue intercoms do not work with their new SIP based Phone System.

These are the 2 main reasons and applications for Internal and External Cisco Intercom Systems. In this post we are going to concentrate on the Intercoms used specifically for external use. The outdoor intercom is the most popular entry phone we sell Cisco partners. This is used for door entry, but can also be used for access control of automated gates and barriers.

ip65 external cisco intercom

^ Call Button – None Keypad Option

Gates and Barriers

The External IP65 rated Cisco Intercom was manufactured primarily for door access applications. The Intercoms is also used to control automated gates a barriers, from a remote location.

Many buildings, including Schools, Universities, Medical Facilities and Car Parks have a security gate or barrier at the site entrance. This is the first level of access control deployed on site. One option, is to install analogue intercoms. In fact, analogue and GSM has been the chosen technology for the past few decades.

That option is still available, but why run 2 wire cables all over site ? Our certified external Cisco Intercoms connect into the available structured cabling systems. This makes the installation more flexible. Now we can install IP and SIP compliant site entrance intercoms.

An Automated Gate or Barrier will have a controller unit. This is where the installer/electrician will wire a relay up for access control. Typically a Gate/barrier controller is operated or triggered by a Normally Open output. Our Cisco certified external intercom features and integrated Dry Relay contact. The on-board relay has a Normally Open contact, this wires up to the controller unit.

image outdoor cisco intercom

^ On board relay triggers doors, gates and barriers

IP65 and Stainless Steel

The Outdoor Cisco Intercom is durable and strong in its build. Other intercom systems only offer IP54. This outdoor model offers a high Ingress rating of IP65. It is also made from a robust stainless steel.

6: Totally protected against dust.

5: Protected against low pressure jets if water from all directions

HTTP Web-page Set Up

The IP based Intercom needs the Internet to operate. It uses the Internet Protocol for its connectivity. It also uses the Internet for its Power, with PoE Power Over Ethernet. Furthermore, its set up and configuration is done through the Internet. Another cost saving feature of the External Cisco Intercom, is it doesn’t require any running software, dedicated PC or Server.

All our intercoms, internal and external are managed through their own IP address and web-page. When the intercom is installed, it was tell you its IP address over its IP speaker. From your network, access Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, then type in the IP address to your web-browser.

When logged into the devices web-page, you connect the Intercom to the Cisco IP Phone System. You could even ask the End User to help with this part. Give he/she the IP address and login details. They can then register the Cisco Intercom to Cisco Call Manager. From their Cisco Admin Panel, then add the Intercom as a new user with its own SIP extension on the telephony platform. This is all very easy to configure and set up.

Relay Codes

You can set a numerical relay code, this can be up to 25 digits long. Typically the DTMF relay code will be anything from 1-4 digits long. The longer it is the harder it can be to remember. DTMF is the tones our phones send. We have been using DTMF for decades, since the invention and introduction of Touch Tone phones.

on board relay

^ Set the Relay Code through its Web-page

In a typical application, the external rated cisco door phone, would be installed flush mount on a wall. As mentioned above, it can also be mounted close to a automated gate or barrier. For site entry, it would usually be mounted on a Gooseneck pedestal mount. A visitor on site, would press the Intercoms Call Button, this would place a call to a pre set SIP extension. From the Cisco admin panel, you could also merge this call into a hunt group. That one intercom call, can now reach many Cisco IP Phones and even Mobile Telephones. The End User would enter the pre-set relay code, this would trigger the connected door or barrier.

With or without Keypad

There are two options for the external Cisco SIP Intercom. Both intercoms feature a call button and one features a keypad.

The Keypad version is effectively an IP Telephone. We refer to this model as a Cisco Secure Entry Phone. Its functionality allows you to dial any member of staff within the enterprise. Even if the building had 5000 staff, you could dial each individual desk phone. You could also use security codes to enter the building. Through the SIP Intercoms web-page, you would pre-set a number of security codes. Type this into the Intercom and it will trigger the relay.

Coded entry is sometimes used for strict security access only. Typically, the End User would restrict the intercom from being used to call extension numbers. However if you would like to allow both modes of operation, there is a tick box for “allow telephone dial-out”. You can set this when the Intercom is set to security code access control.

The call button Cisco intercom is the most popular with Cisco Installers. From your Cisco Administration panel, you can integrate the devices call into a hunt group. The entry phones call could reach one or many Cisco IP Phones. You could also divert to mobile telephones to trigger the relay contacts.

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