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ip amplifier for voip networks


  • ip amplifier for voip networks
  • IP paging amplifier
  • IP loud horn speaker

Cisco VoIP Loud Speaker Tannoy System, AMP & 40 Watt Bull Horns – POE

Cisco Certified SIP-enabled VoIP V2 Loudspeaker Amplifier. Options of 1 or 2 x 40 Watt Bull Horn Loud Speakers. Forms part of an IP based Public Address system. Effortless integration to your VoIP platform. One LAN cable & PoE completes the installation. Live calls on “auto answer”, play stored audio files and call out messages.

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Product Description

The Cisco Certified SIP-enabled VoIP Amplifier and Loud Speaker System. Effortless integration to a Cisco Architecture. The Paging endpoints (Loud Speaker/Bull Horns) are used for Mass Notification within an event and emergency Public Address System.

NOW WITH: 9 user-uploadable page messages

For live announcements and with “Auto-answer” pre set, you can make direct calls to either of its dual SIP extensions. Alternatively, you can play pre-recorded audio and call out messages.

Blazing fast installation 

  1. Plug a Cat5e cable into it’s RJ45 port and the other end into a PoE switch
  2. Wire One or Two, Loud Speakers into the on-board relay (or existing analogue speakers)
  3. Register the IP AMP to your Cisco Call Manager System, then add it as an extension number on your Telephony Platform

In its most popular application, the AMP and Loud Horn Speakers are deployed outdoors. With its on-board relay, you also have the option to connect to existing analogue hardware.

In a security set up, you could buddy the AMP up with your IP Video system. If you receive a motion alert from your camera, you can call the Loud Speakers direct (through the AMP’s SIP extension).

Audio files and call out messages can be played if and when a connected Window or Door reed sensor is activated.

  • Cisco Certified since 2008
  • SIP (RFC 3261) compatible
  • Dual-speed ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • Web-based configuration
  • Web-based firmware upgradable
  • PoE 802.3at and 802.3af-enabled
  • IGMP
  • Line-out connector
  • DTMF controlled relay with open sense
  • Direct speaker drive
  • User-uploadable tones
  • Simultaneous SIP and Multicast
  • Autoprovisioning
  • Line-In capability
  • 2 x SIP Lines
  • Weather-resistant NEMA enclosure
  • Multiple credentials for registering with multiple SIP servers

New Features

  • Enhanced interoperability for hosted environments
  • Support for G.722 codecs.
  • 802.11q VLAN tagging
  • Configurable sense input for use with fault detection or lighted button kit
  • Configurable event generation for device health and status monitoring
  • Optional direct connect RGB strobe kit connection
  • HTTP Command Interface
  • 9 user-uploadable page messages

New Security Features

  • Support for security code access for SIP paging
  • Autoprovisioning via HTTPS
  • HTTPS web based configuration

The only wiring the System requires is a Cat5e or Cat6 cable (connects the AMP). The AMP features 25 Watts of driving power. This driving power feeds the Bull Horn Speakers. 



The below image relates to the on-page options. This shows the Amplifier within the Enclosure. The 40 Watt Bull Horn Speakers are external rated.


Additional Information

Internal or External

Enclosure, No Enclosure

Loud Speaker Options

One, Two

Regardless of which option you decide on, the Amplifier sets up the same. The option with the Enclosure, is encase you don't have anywhere to house the Amplifer. The 40 Watt Bull Horn Speakers are Outdoor rated, but the AMP needs protection, if outdoors.