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Cisco & Singlewire InformaCast enabled VoIP Intercom


  • Cisco & Singlewire InformaCast enabled VoIP Intercom
  • This image shows the intercom with a shroud
  • on board DTMF relay
  • The door phone shows the Cisco Torx screws
  • pedestal mount intercom
  • image showing the wall mounting of the outdoor

Cisco Certified, Outdoor, V3, SIP Secure Entry Phone, On-board Relay For Doors/Barriers

Used for secure entry and remote operated access control. Designed for LAN, WAN and VLAN networking in a Cisco architecture. Perfect for Door and Site Entry. Cisco (or 3rd party) IP Phones & Mobiles trigger the relay.

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Product Description

The Cisco Secure Entry Phone has a back-lit Keypad it’s IP65 rated and made from Stainless Steel. The call Button is used to initiate a call, this could be to a Cisco SIP extension. The single call could also form part of a hunt group and has the potential, to reach multiple desks, phones and mobiles.

With the addition of the Keypad, you now have several other modes of operation. The Keypad can be used for:

  1. PIN Coded Entry – Pre set multiple security codes, when entered onto the keypad, the relay will trigger.
  2. Speed Dial – Similar to the featured Call Button, you could speed dial each button to an extension/hunt group.
  3. Telephone Dial – Use the Secure Entry Phone as an IP Telephone, reach an unlimited number of people.

No other equipment is needed, other than the purchase of the secure entry phone. Direct certification from Cisco. The Door/Barrier phone has been deployed in 1000’s of Cisco applications. A very fast and simple set up.

Other Intercom systems require additional hardware parts and a server. This device does not. Its support and connectivity comes direct from Cisco Call Manager. A single network cable and Ethernet port completes the installation.

Hassle Free Installation

  1. Integrate to a network point with POE out
  2. Wire the on-board DTMF relay to a Door,Gate,Barrier, Shutter, Strobe or AMP
  3. Register the device to Cisco Call Manager / SIP Server
  4. Through your Cisco GUI add the Secure Entry Phone as a new user / extension

The door/barrier phone can now make and receive calls. It can dial multiple extension numbers. Opt for the Call Button only option and form a hunt group.

IP Phones (Cisco/Others) trigger the relay. Mobile phones and PIN Coded access can also operate the relay. 

  • Certified by Cisco as an approved 3rd Party SIP Extension
  • Faster V3 processor & an IP rating of IP65
  • Supports SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony) in a Cisco environment
  • New streamlined case design
  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Powered-over-Ethernet)
  • 12-key kepad with backlight
  • Programmable speed dial
  • SIP compliant
  • Adaptive full-duplex voice operation
  • Network web management and firmware download
  • Network adjustable speaker volume
  • Concurrent SIP and multicast paging
  • Dry relay contact for auxiliary control (controls external power )
  • Dry relay with N/O contacts (directly trigger gate/barrier)
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Downloadable alert, ringtones and callout messages
  • OPTIONS: Weather Shroud (pictured) for even greater weather protection
  • OPTIONS: Keypad or Not – Keypad is an IP Phone – Call Button Places a single call (form hunt group)

For all installation tips and more features: See the full operations guide – None Keypad | Keypad

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