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Singlewire & Cisco Public Address Paging System

Cisco IP Public Address

Singlewire make a Cisco Public Address Paging System. The platform is OEM’d to Cisco Call Manager (CUCM). Cisco users now have a feature rich, Public Address Paging System that is already installed on site. This Software is at their fingertips and waiting to be switched on. The Paging System Software is called InformaCast. The Basic version is FREE and the advanced comes with a 60 day FREE trial. Both just need an emailed license key to switch them on !

The main problem is this: Most Cisco End Users and Cisco Partners are not aware of this available technology. It’s a great add on to your Cisco UC systems. Especially useful, if and when the End User is looking for Public Address to integrate to their Cisco IP Phone system. For System Integrators, this is a technology that can help set your bid apart from your competitors. Its a conversation changer and adds value to your proposal.

In this post we are going to look at the differences between the two InformaCast Software packages. We are also going to list the best features for this Cisco Public Address System and try to explain how it all goes together. You can even integrate your Legacy and Analogue based PA endpoints.

Singlewire is packed with powerful Mass Notification features. It can integrate to your facilities management. You can send Campus Lockdown alerts and page out to various endpoints. InformaCast can be as Simple or as Advanced as you want to build it.

Cisco IP Public Address System

^ Is FREE – Use Cisco IP Phones as Public Address IP Speakers !

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FREE Live Audio Paging

There are 2 version of InformaCast. Basic Paging (which is Free) and the feature rich Advanced Notification solution. With the FREE basic paging option, you can page out, only to Cisco IP Phones. This is a great solution to be aware of, especially if you are a Cisco partner. Your Cisco IP Phones can form part of a Cisco Public Address System. They can be used as IP desk speakers. Now your desk phones form part of the event and emergency Public Address platform.

Basic & FREE: Live Audio Paging between Cisco IP Phones

You can make live pages from your Cisco IP Phone to a maximum of 50 Cisco IP Phones. Messages will be received by groups up to 50 phones simultaneously.

InformaCast Advanced Notification: The Advanced solution extends your Public Address reach beyond just IP Phones. You can reach a host of different endpoints, including:

  • Send Live and Pre-recorded Event & Emergency Notification to IP Speakers, Cisco Phones and More
  • Legacy Paging Interface, integrate analogue Amplifiers and Speakers
  • Send Text messages, Include static or dynamic text in addition to audio alert
  • 999 Emergency Services Monitoring, send alerts and record when the Police, Fire or Ambulance service is called
  • Weather Notifications and Campus Lockdown
  • Bell Scheduler , schedule school bells and shift notifications
  • Send Live and Pre-recorded Event & Emergency Notification messages to desktop computers (MAC and Windows)
  • Digital Signage, send alerts to digital signage and 3rd Party Mass Notification providers
  • Send Live and Pre-recorded Event & Emergency Notification messages to Mobile Phones

See this video here on a School in the USA, using Advanced Notification

Singlewire SIP Endpoints

We provide partners with two types of SIP endpoints. Standard Cisco Certified SIP endpoints. These Include SIP Speakers and SIP Notification devices, deployed within Cisco Public Address Paging Systems. We also provide Cisco Certified Door Entry Phones. All devices register to Cisco Call Manager as an approved 3rd Party SIP extension.

Cisco Certified and Singlewire InformaCast ready SIP endpoints. The same range as the standard Cisco Door Entry and PA Endpoints. However, the Singlewire InformaCast ready devices form part of the InformaCast Public Address System.

Cisco Intercoms Double as an IP speaker

You may be thinking, why would I need an InformaCast ready Door Phone or Site Entry Phone ? To save money and to add value ! All our Cisco Door Phones double as a paging IP speaker. You get 2 products for the price of one. This could be a useful saving if your End User is looking to deploy secure entry and Public Address. This could be especially useful for new build projects where the 2 technologies (PA & Door Phones) will be a must.

The Cisco Intercoms accept priority based and simultaneous Multicast. They also have a 2nd SIP extension which can assigned to your Public Address System. SIP extension 1 can be used for access control and 2 way communications. SIP extension 2 can be assigned to your PA system. The Intercom can play pre recorded and announce live audio messages. The 2nd SIP extension could also form part of a loud phone ringer notification system.

Legacy Paging Interface

Singlewire has a Legacy Paging Interface. You can integrate your existing Public Address Analogue devices back to the InformaCast platform. When implementing Singlewire a complete overhaul of your existing Paging systems is not compulsory. We provide a number of devices that help with the transition of Legacy Analogue to the IP-PBX. These include our SIP Paging Adapter and our SIP Paging Server.

voip cisco public address system sip

^ Cisco SPA integrates legacy (analogue) PA Equipment to the IP PBX (click image for the product page)

To Recap: Informacast is a Mass Notification, Event and Emergency PA Platform. It is made by an American company called Singlewire. It runs co-resident with Cisco Call Manager as a Virtual Appliance.

The FREE version is called Basic Paging. This allows you to make live pages to banks of 50 x Cisco IP Phones. The Advanced version is a powerful full scaled Public Address System. The Advanced version lets you page from and to multiple devices.

We stock Informacast ready SIP endpoints. SIP speakers, SIP Door Phones, External SIP Tannoy Systems.  These devices are enabled for InformaCast paging.

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